Sami's Week: Churchill & Overcoming Fear!

Overcoming Fear & Churchill: Sami’s Week

I didn’t know until Tuesday night that Winston Churchill, the leader of the United Kingdom during World War II, and I, a somewhat timid crossdresser, have something in common. That something is overcoming fear.

My wife and I decided to rent a movie, Darkest Hour, from Redbox. We had seen the preview last year but missed it in the theater. Without giving it away, the movie depicts Churchill’s earliest days as Prime Minister. At the time he became Prime Minister, the overwhelming opinion of the government was to try to reach a peace agreement with Germany. Despite the current working against him, Churchill convinced himself that this would lead to destroying the United Kingdom as they knew it. He helped turn the nation away from its fear.

Overcoming My Own Fears

“So what does this have to do with Sami?” you are probably thinking. I am definitely not a Churchill, but I am someone who deals with fear often.

You may have read one of my earlier articles, If You Do Only One Thing. In that article one learns a method, called the Power of One, for overcoming fear. It is the principle of doing something that causes fear every day, even if it is something small. Overcoming these small fears chips away at the storehouse of fears while helping to gain confidence.

Overcoming Fear with a Trip to Redbox

Dressed for a trip to Redbox!

The next morning I decided to apply the Power of One by dropping the DVD at the Redbox kiosk, fully dressed. I tried doing this a month or so ago, but I was a chicken when I arrived. Off I went, determined to overcome my fear this time.

My town is small, about 27,000 people, so going way to the other side of town to avoid being seen by people I know is not an option. It was about 8:00 in the morning, so while there was a chance I’d be seen, I felt the chances were reasonable.

Once terrified by driving in daylight, this is something I have become accustomed to doing. Most people are too busy with their own driving or distractions to look at the people in other cars. This was true today, so the drive was almost calming despite what I knew I would be doing shortly.

Crossdresser overcoming fear at Redbox
Pulled in front of the Redbox Kiosks

Near Panic Attack!

As I drove up to the Redbox place, I saw that the parking lot was empty, despite the store being open. I was able to pull directly in front of the kiosks. It appeared I could be in and out quickly.

What I discovered was that both of the screens were in screen-saver mode, and I couldn’t figure out what to do to get the button needed to return the DVD. I kept going from one to the other while dressed in my blouse and skirt. Finally one of the devices cooperated, and I returned the DVD successfully.

It seemed like five minutes, was probably two, and had me nearly panicked. Shortly after I returned to my car, another pulled next to me. It was a guy who headed directly into the store. Little did he know that a stealthy crossdresser had just returned a video!

Overcoming Your Fears

I hope you enjoyed this crossdresser’s story of using the Power of One, taking one more step toward overcoming fear. Perhaps you can think of something you fear doing, and taking your own step toward overcoming your fear. Although it could be something related to crossdressing, it doesn’t have to. It could be something to do with a relationship, your work, or something you have procrastinated on doing. Whatever it is, you can think of Sami bravely returning her video to Redbox as you take that step.

Thank you for reading!

xoxoxo Sami

What fears are you wanting to overcome? Perhaps you have your own inspirational story to share with others?  Leave a comment

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