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How to Wear a Corset for Crossdressing – The Crossdresser Report

Speaking for myself as a crossdresser, one of my goals is to shape my body into a more feminine appearance. For this, I need to make some of my parts larger (breasts, bottom, and hips) and others smaller (waist). I wear a corset for crossdressing to make my waist smaller.

Adding to parts is relatively easy. You just buy the part and add it on. Making a part, such as a waist, smaller requires more work. Part of it is from dieting (in my case, losing 50 pounds out of an 85-pound goal), and part of it is squeezing.

My preferred method of squeezing is using a waist-training corset. The reason is that a good waist-training corset withstands much pressure, and the results are amazing. Please follow along to see how to do it.

Wear a Corset for Crossdressing: The First Time

Perhaps you have read my advice on buying a new corset. If you haven’t, take a few minutes to take a look. I’ll wait for you here.

Other than my first pair of heels arriving on my doorstep, I think the most exciting arrival was my first corset. Even though the exciting temptation was to put it on and see the immediate results, I still needed to find how the heck to use the thing.

Although a waist-training corset withstands lots of pressure, it can break. To prevent this, you have to slow down and do a process called seasoning. The boning in the corset, often made of steel, needs to conform to the shape of your own body. Each body is a little different, so a corset will form itself to work for each different body. Until that has happened, you risk ruining your corset if you put too much stress upon it at first.

The seasoning process is really simple. You wear the corset for a shorter period, and the corset is looser at the beginning. Over the course of a week or so, you can tighten the corset and wear it longer. Eventually, something amazing happens. The corset becomes almost like a second skin, popping around your waist quite easily.

Patience is the key!

Today’s Demonstration

For this article, I will be using two different waist-training corsets. I bought both from Orchard Corset.

CS-305 Corset from Orchard Corset

The first is a shorter corset that is ideal for starting waist training. There are a couple of reasons. With it being a shorter length, it will be a little easier for you to bend your waist while in a tight corset. In addition, this corset is less restrictive on the waist, pulling it in less. Because it doesn’t pull in as much, there will be less of a gap at the top and bottom of the corset. You can view and read more about this shorter corset at Orchard Corset.

CS-426 Longline Corset by Orchard Corset

The taller corset is better after you have had some success with waist training. The top of it fits directly under the breasts, really lifting them up and out. The bottom fits around your waist. It is much more restrictive. You’ll see that I haven’t lost enough weight for the taller one to work well for me, because the bottom sticks out a bit. By the time I finish losing weight, it should fit very nicely at the bottom. You can view and read more about this longer corset at Orchard Corset.

Wear a Corset for Crossdressing: Under the Corset

First things first, though. Because a corset cannot be laundered, I highly recommend wearing something under it. My favorite is wearing a camisole. The extra layer will help keep your body oils away from the corset, making it smell better longer.

In the pictures I’ll be showing, I am wearing a simple grey dress so that you can see what I am doing without embarrassing me while standing in underwear. I also wore a long necklace with the goal of showing how it hangs while wearing different corsets. You’ll notice a difference between a cinched waist and one that is not.

Wear a Corset for Crossdressing: Putting on the Corset

Learning to tighten, or cinch, your first corset usually is a challenge. If you remember putting on your first bra, there is a learning curve. With some patience, you’ll eventually get the hang of it.

Once you have loosened the corset, place it on your waist. The strings will go in the back, and the busk, which snaps together, is in front. Make sure the top of the corset indeed is on top and not upside down. I don’t know whether this is the same for other corsets, but Orchard Corset has a knot on the bottom side of the cinching laces.

Wearing a Corset for Crossdressing: Bringing the Busk Together
Bringing the Busk Together

Once it is on your waist, you are ready to snap it together. This will be awkward the first few time you try it. You’ll find it easier if you snap the second hook first. Doing this helps the others line up better, and not pulling away. The good news is that as the corset becomes more seasoned, the snapping process gets really easy.

Wearing a Corset for Crossdressing: Snapping the Second Hook First
Snapping the Second Hook First

Wear a Corset for Crossdressing: Cinching the Corset

After you have fastened the busk, you’ll want to take out some of the slack from the lace. The place to adjust is where the lace is dangling from the middle of your back, on both the left and right side. Just pull them at the same time, until you just start to get some resistance.

The lace of the corset is similar to a shoelace. Imagine this shoelace pattern on your back. You’ll want to find the topmost crossover. Pull where they cross until you feel some resistance.

Wearing a Corset for Crossdressing: Pulling the Topmost Crossover
Pulling the Topmost Crossover

Continue working down from the top until you reach the loose lace in the middle. You’ll want to pull on only the top left and top right of these laces. When finished, the top of the corset will be tight, and the bottom will be loose.

Wearing a Corset for Crossdressing: Pulling the Top Left and Top Right Laces
Pulling the Top Left and Top Right Laces

Once finished, repeat the process on the bottom, starting with the bottommost crossover. Again, you don’t want it too tight.

Wearing a Corset for Crossdressing: Cinched on the Bottom and Top
Cinched on the Bottom and Top

When finished, you’ll have lace on both the left and back. Cross these over as if you were starting to tie your shoe, then finish with a big bow!

You should still be able to flex some at your waist. You’ll have some slimming and restriction of movement. Good job! You can wear the corset for up to an hour.

Wear a Corset for Crossdressing: Good and Tight

For your corset to last a long time, you should resist the temptation to make it as tight as possible. After the corset is properly seasoned, you can do that as much as you like. The seasoning process takes time. Its purpose is to form the corset into your own body’s shape. This includes wrapping itself around your chest bones, your hip bone, and your waist.

Over the course of days, or even weeks, you’ll start tightening your corset further and wearing it for longer periods of time. I like to measure how far the laces hang before I tie them at the end, then add an inch or two in length the next time. You can increase the length of time about an hour each time.

Wearing a Corset for Crossdressing: Fully Cinched Corset
Fully Cinched Corset

Over time you’ll gradually be able to make the laces tighter and tighter. This is because your body starts to conform to the shape of the corset. Of course, if you are losing weight, you’ll be able to get the corset even tighter.

Here are some side-by-side photos of me wearing no corset, a shorter corset often used when starting waist training, and a taller corset you can use once you have become slimmer.

Without Corset – Side View
With Starter Corset – Side View
With Tall Corset – Side View
Without Corset – Front View
With Starter Corset – Front View
With Taller Corset – Front View


Reaching Your Goal

Now that you have seen how to do it, I hope you are as excited about using waist training as I am. I know that I am very pleased with the results. Get yourself a good corset, spend some time seasoning it, and be amazed at your own feminine waist. Be sure to take it easy at first, despite the temptation. Wear a corset for crossdressing with a long-lasting corset.

xoxoxo Sami

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    1. Once the corset is broken in, having someone else tighten it is easier than doing it yourself. You don’t want it to be tight at first though. The process of breaking in is the gradual tightening over the course of weeks. This is done to prevent breaking the bones of the corset.

      Since the corset is not going to be really tight at first, this is a good opportunity to practice tightening and tying the corset yourself. If you can do it yourself, you won’t have to have help nearby whenever you want to wear it.

  2. How about combining the corset with nice long garter stockings? The stockings will keep the corset from riding up and the corset will keep the stockings from falling down. Then, of course, there is the wonderful thigh massage the wearer receives from motion of the stockings plus tiny movement of the garter straps.

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