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If you have ever read the introduction to The Crossdresser Report, you already know that one of the main goals is to inform new crossdressers. Sometimes it is hard to find good information, and The Crossdresser Report strives to bring good information to you.

This article is not for all crossdressers. If you clearly understand where you stand as a crossdresser, why you do it, and where you stand on the gender spectrum, this article is not for you. However, if you are unclear and are still gathering information, please continue reading!

The Questions Crossdressers Ask Themselves

Back when I was in math class, I learned about Venn Diagrams. These represent groups of things, and whether there is an overlap between these groups. I think a few Venn Diagrams will be useful for bringing up some points about crossdressers. These can be useful for understanding where you fit into the big scheme of things, especially when you aren’t quite certain where that fit is.

For example, one question a new crossdresser may ask is whether being a crossdresser automatically makes one gay. For myself, I am 100% certain that I am not gay. However, I am also 100% certain that there also are gay people who crossdress.

Some, but not all, crossdressers are gay

In this Venn Diagram, the two circles represent these two groups of people, crossdressers and gays. The red circle is the group of people who are crossdressers. The green circle shows people who are gay. The overlapping area in the middle represents those who are crossdressers that are gay.

I am in the red crossdresser circle but not in the overlapping area because I am a straight crossdresser. I know people who are gay but not crossdressers. Those people are in the right side of the green circle.

Crossdressing Compared to Being Transgender

Another question that a new crossdresser sometimes asked is whether crossdressing is a gateway towards transitioning to the other gender. That is, am I transgender?

Unlike the straight vs. gay question, the question of whether I personally am transgender is not clear to me. For other crossdressers, it is as cut and dry as I am about being straight. For those crossdressers, there is no question that they don’t have any desire to transition to the opposite gender.

The word transgender is sometimes confusing because its meaning has changed over time. For some, it is an umbrella term used for people who stray from the traditional gender norms established by the society in which they live. I prefer this broader definition, and all crossdressers fit into that definition.

However, the popular understanding of the term transgender has been shifting to mean people who are transitioning their gender. These are the people for whom the gender assigned at birth doesn’t match their experience of their true selves. It can be a very mild awareness of this mismatch, or it can be so pronounced that only a physical change to the body will resolve it. The common medical term for this mismatch is gender dysphoria. This is the definition of transgender I am using for this article.

Some crossdressers have a level of gender dysphoria, but many do not.

Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am somewhere in the middle. However, I have yet to discover exactly where I fit. It’s crossdressers like this who will find this article most helpful.

The Transition Channel

I subscribe to a number of crossdressing YouTube channels. YouTube uses these subscriptions to help you find other videos of interest. One of the recommendations was a video published by The Transition Channel.

Alexis Ungerer, PhD., is a gender therapist who started this valuable YouTube resource. I think the best thing about her videos is that she really does understand what makes people like us tick. In addition, she is very knowledgeable and does a great job of presenting the information in an understandable manner. It is these three things, understanding, authority, and presentation, that make her videos shine.

Alexis Ungerer, producer of The Transition Channel, explains her credentials.

Using The Transition Channel as a Crossdressing Resource

If you want to learn how to apply makeup or purchase the right wig for you, you won’t find videos for those topics on The Transition Channel. Fortunately, there are plenty of other places to find those “how to” types of videos,

If, however, you are wanting to ponder more about the “why” rather than the “how to”, The Transition Channel is a wonderful resource. I found the videos so insightful that I binged on half a dozen in a row! I feel that they are such an important resource for crossdressers who are wondering about their own “why” that I want to publicize this YouTube channel as soon as I could.

Upcoming Articles about The Transition Channel

I found several of the videos to be quite helpful in my case, where I am still trying to understand my personal “why”. I have watched the videos but have not yet gone through them in detail, as it pertains to my situation. After I work through that exercise, I plan to write about what I’ve discovered.

In the meantime, feel free to take a look at the videos that I plan to cover later.

Should You Watch The Transition Channel?

If you are a crossdresser who has questions about where you really stand on the gender spectrum, I think the videos on The Transition Channel can really help you gain some understanding about yourself.

I also think that if you firmly fit into the non-transgender side of the Venn diagram, watching some of these videos will help you to understand those who do. It isn’t always easy to understand other perspectives. The Transition Channel provides the education you need to try to gain that understanding.

Your Opinion, Please!

Personally, I find The Transition Channel to be quite amazing. Does this channel amaze you as well? I would love to read your opinion about whether more of this type of information is something you are seeking from The Crossdresser Report. If not, what types of articles are of interest to you as a crossdresser? Please leave your comments below.

xoxoxo Sami

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