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Sami’s Crossdressing Background

I have been actively crossdressing since 2013. I do most of my crossdressing at home, but I am facing my fears by doing more outside the home. My active crossdressing started with a trip to the local Goodwill store, where I found a couple of skirts. Out of fear, I didn’t try them on at the store, and my heart was racing when I checked out! Fortunately they both fit. I really didn’t know what I was doing, though.  I have since moved on to what I feel is a style that fits my personality better. Everybody has to start somewhere, right?

It is difficult being a crossdresser in a small town, but I manage to do a little. Mostly I wear somewhat feminine shoes and some jewelry every day. I have pierced my ears, and I wear small hoops or studs almost every day. I am planning to move to Las Vegas, Nevada, where I believe I will feel much more comfortable being my feminine self.

If my crossdressing situation sounds like yours, then The Crossdresser Report is a terrific resource for you. You can learn from my own experiences as you work on your own goals.

Sami’s Writing Background

Make The Crossdresser Report one of your crossdressing resourceI am not a professional writer, although I feel I have a knack for decent writing. I develop computer software for a living, which has its own creative process, like writing. Unlike software development, this blog’s writing is for people like you, not a computer! I really enjoy doing this, and I hope my enthusiasm is clear to you, dear reader.

Sami’s Interests

Obviously I like writing, or I wouldn’t be doing this. I also enjoy reading, jewelry making, and my secret indulgence: court TV! I spend way too much time doing home improvement projects. In the past year this has included replacing the siding on one side of my house, turning an extra garden shed into a covered porch, wiring a new electrical panel, and remodeling a living room to make it more open.

My interest in jewelry making started with my personal frustration of finding styles of rings I want to wear but unable to find in my size. I am only starting to learn silversmithing but hope to become good enough to sell stylish jewelry to other crossdressers someday.

Let’s not forget my interest in crossdressing. How about some shopping? I know a thing or two about shopping for earrings!

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