Susan Miller’s Neighbor

Long before I started writing this blog, I followed a number of others. One of those is by Susan Miller. Over the years, some of her stories have amazed and inspired me. In my opinion, one of the best stories was published Friday, March 9, 2018. I am so excited about the story of Susan Miller’s neighbor that I just had to share it with you, dear readers.

The Biggest Hurdle

I think the biggest hurdle most new crossdressers face isn’t discovering the best way to buy clothes. It isn’t learning how to apply makeup properly, or how to buy and use a wig. I don’t even think the biggest hurdle is the first time one steps from the safety of one’s own house into the big unknowing world.

I think the biggest hurdle is the first experience of being discovered.

In my personal experience, this remains my biggest fear. It has already happened to me once, and it affected me so badly that I couldn’t eat for almost two days. I don’t look forward to it happening again, but in the back of my mind, I know it is inevitable. The question I have for myself is how I will react the next time it happens. That is where Susan’s story means so much to me.

The First Encounter with Susan Miller’s Neighbor

Susan has written her blog since at least 2006. I didn’t even know I was a crossdresser in 2006.

She decided she wanted to chronicle her crossdressing journey in an online diary, mostly to help her remember where she started and how far she has progressed. Being able to reminisce about earlier events is always nice to do.

In 2012, Susan Miller’s neighbor was able to put two and two together, mentioning that she had seen Susan on TV. That was five and a half years ago. Even though it was a good, encouraging discussion, nothing had ever been mentioned since.

The Unexpected Happens!

Now let’s fast forward to Friday. Susan likes to go to Starbucks en femme.

Let me rephrase that.

Susan really, really, really likes going to Starbucks!

It is a chance to relax a bit, enjoy some hot cocoa, get some blogging done, and people watch. In other words, it is one of her favorite places just to spend some time being herself, being Susan.

On Friday, Susan was being Susan in an unexpected way.

In comes Susan Miller’s neighbor from 5 1/2 years ago. She notices Susan at one of tables, says “Hi neighbor!”, and comes over to chat. As Susan puts it in her blog, “This is the first time she has seen me this close in person.”

The nice chat was about 5 minutes long, and then the unexpected encounter was over, as quickly as it arrived.

I love the story of Susan Miller's neighbor!Why I Love This Story!

To me, this was a very touching story that moved me personally. For those of you who have read for some time, you understand that my fear of crossdressing in public, of being caught, is very real and very intense. I speak only for myself, but I suspect this is also the case for several of you who are reading this story.

What this story gives me is hope. I look forward to the day when I can roam about in my yard, unconcerned about what my neighbors think. While I do hope some are friendly after discovering this side of me, I don’t expect all to embrace it. That’s okay. All I ask is that my neighbors don’t go out of their way to make living next to them worse. Consequently, that’s all I ask and expect of them.

Of course, I would love to have a neighbor as friendly and accepting as Susan Miller’s neighbor. To me, that would be a huge bonus over just getting along. The fact this has happened for Susan, and that it could eventually happen for me, is the reason I love this story. I hope you love it too!

xoxoxo Sami

Was Susan’s story an inspiration for you too? What type of relationship do you dream having with your neighbors?  Leave a comment

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