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When I started wearing a wig, one of the most uncomfortable feelings was that it was sliding off my head. This was worst when combing or brushing it. I stumbled across a solution to keep your wig in place with Sami’s Pick: wig grip bands from Godiva’s Secret Wigs!

Discovering a Wig Grip Band to Keep Your Wig In Place

I admit that I was skeptical that a wig grip band could really work. What eventually convinced me, though, were the reviews and the instructional video I found on the Godiva site. This information was enough for me to give it a try.

Deciding Which Wig Grip Band to Order

Many people accuse me of having a big head. Well, they are right! My main concern was whether I could find a wig grip band that was large enough to work and be comfortable, despite my big head.

The two factors for ordering are size and color. Godiva’s Secret Wigs offers three choices for each. The available colors are black, blond, and brown. Base your choice of color upon your wig’s color. Others shouldn’t notice the wig grip band under the wig itself, but having a color closer to the color of your wig should help make it less noticeable in case the unexpected happens.

The available sizes for your consideration are Petite, Average, and Large. Petite is for head circumferences from 18 to 21 inches. The Average size works from 18 to 22 1/2 inches, and the range for Large is 22 1/2 to 25. Despite having an obviously large head, the large size fits comfortably for me all day.

How the Wig Grip Band Works

Placing Wig Grip on Head – Courtesy of

The wig grip band sold by Godiva is microfiber and uses velcro to adjust to the size of your head. The band’s placement is at the edge of the hairline. The microfiber, as if by magic, keep your wig in place. I’m not exactly sure how it does it, but it works.

Once one fits a wig over the band, combing and brushing is possible without the wig suddenly shifting. Wind doesn’t blow it off either. Yet despite the firm grip during normal use of the wig, when you are ready to remove it, the wig comes off easily. It isn’t like undoing velcro at all. As soon as you start releasing the wig around the edges of the band, the wig just slides off your head.

Keep Your Wig In Place
Wig Magically Stays in Place! – Courtesy of

It is especially amazing that such a simple accessory really makes such a huge difference in how a wig stays in place. For this reason, I really can’t recommend this product enough!

xoxoxo Sami

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