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As a crossdresser, I have overcome several of my fears. My biggest struggle is direct contact with strangers. I have no problem walking among people while dressed, driving, etc. What I do fear is one-on-one interaction. Overcoming crossdressing fear is one of my main goals of this year. This week a sandwich came to my rescue!

Overcoming Crossdressing Fear By Doing

If your fears are anything like mine, then you have a way to go before feeling comfortable being dressed in public. Trust me, I understand it! I have found the best way to chip away at overcoming crossdressing fear is to do something everyday that makes me uncomfortable. In fact, I wrote an entire article about this topic, and I consider it one of the most important lessons I have written on this blog. If you haven’t already read about the Power of One, I suggest you take a few minutes to read it.

I continue struggling with how to apply the Power of One with one of my greatest fears: one-on-one interaction while dressed. Living in a small town, I am not ready to let the entire world know about my crossdressing yet. I could drive an hour to another small town, or three hours to a city, but that is time consuming. Eventually I decided upon a possible solution.

I Don’t Even Like Sandwiches!

I decided the best thing to do to work on overcoming crossdressing fear with one-on-one interactions is to start small. Why not go through a drive through? This is a great idea because at most I have to interact with only one person, it is for only a short time, and I can speed away when finished, whether the experience was good or bad.

The next decision was where to go. I wanted to lower the odds of seeing someone who has seen me dressed as a man, appearing dressed as a woman, and having that person putting the pieces of the puzzle together. After much thought, I decided to go to the only drive-thru in town that I had never been through – the Jimmy John’s sandwich shop.

The reason I have not been through the Jimmy John’s drivethru is because I am not a big fan of sandwiches. They are okay, but there are so many other things I would rather eat than something filled with coldcuts. Fortunately for me, my dislike of sandwiches led me to the only place in town that I had not used already.

Overcoming Crossdressing Fear When Out in Public
This is how Sami perceives herself went out in public!

Sami’s Trip to the Sandwich Shop

Friday I decided to face my fears and go sandwich shopping.I nervously drove to the ordering speaker, looking here and there for warning signs that would give me an excuse to speed away. There were none.

Eventually, the cheerful voice asked me for my order, which I did. He told me the total amount, and I drove to the window.

I nervously waited, peering into the window while a cluster of employees were clustered away from the window. Finally, the cashier approached, the window, opened it, and said, “Wow, are you a crossdresser?”

Actually, he didn’t say that. He opened the window, I handed him the cash, and he returned with change. A few minutes later, I was driving off with my sandwich. Whew! I did it! As many crossdressers can tell you, it was a rather unremarkable and uneventful outing.

Sami’s Conclusion

My points to this story are the same ones that every crossdresser who has tried this always says:

  • My fears are huge
  • Eventually I try doing what I fear
  • I discover it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was thinking.
  • In fact, I feel pretty great!

This is the Power of One. Doing one thing you fear, even if it is just something as small as ordering a sandwich at a drive thru, puts you one step closer to overcoming that fear.

xoxoxo Sami

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Have you gone on a drivethru adventure? What’s keeping you back?  Leave a comment.

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