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I am a big fan of reading blogs from other crossdressers. Here’s why. Like people in general, there are no two crossdressers who are alike. There are no two crossdressing blogs that are alike either. Continue reading to find out about one of my favorites: Kandi’s Land.

Update: This article was changed because Kandi has a new site for her blog:

Why Read Blogs About Crossdressing Experiences?

I love to read about other crossdresser’s journeys. One reason is that I want to compare how far they have grown and progressed in comparison to myself. It also helps me to know I am not alone. Finally, I am always on the lookout for tips that are going to help me on my personal journey.

If you have some of the same reasons for checking out what other crossdressers have to say about themselves, try reading some other blogs. When you find one that is helpful for your situation, subscribe to it so that you don’t miss an article.

Kandi's Land Crossdressing Blog
Photo from Kandi’s Land Crossdressing Blog

Kandi’s Land – A Blog All About the Experience

Kandi’s blog is one of the most inspirational sources of information I read, whether from crossdressers or not. It’s that good.

After reading a few of Kandi’s posts, you’ll quickly determine that she is one of those people who not only feels comfortable in her own skin, but also wants to help others become more comfortable in theirs. Her story was not always this way. Like most of us crossdressers, Kandi had a lot of inner turmoil over this need to crossdress.

Kandi was eventually able to turn that corner and accept herself for who she is. This led to confidence, enough confidence to be able to present herself among many people. These include her church, volunteer activities, dining, and shopping. In other words, she has become comfortable doing a lot of things that for many of us are frightening and nearly impossible to do.

Now you may have no desire to crossdress outside the comfort of your own home. That’s perfectly okay. The key takeaway from Kandi’s Land isn’t necessarily the ability to go out in public. Rather, it is becoming accepting of oneself, regardless of how that acceptance manifests itself. If your goal is only to crossdress within the confines of your home, isn’t it better to do so while feeling confident and good about it, rather than loathing about it?


This Kandi’s Land post answers a question posed to Kandi: “What is it specifically that gives you so much joy presenting as a woman in public?”

I really like this blog post because many crossdressers, including myself, think a lot about everything that can go wrong by crossdressing in public. Kandi lets us know about the many, many things that can go right! I find it to be very motivational, encouraging, and uplifting.

For example:

Being a man.  Being a woman.  Loving the woman I am.  Joy.

Purses.  Shoes.  Necklaces.  A dangling bracelet.  Earrings.  The perfect lipstick color.  Joy.

Read Kandi’s entire Joy post here. It sure put a big smile on my face. I am sure it will do the same for you.

We Make Our Own Reality

For those of you who have not yet ventured into a public space, the biggest hurdle is getting over your initial fear. I talk about overcoming this with the Power of One, which I believe is one of the most useful pieces of information on The Crossdresser Report.

Kandi’s article, We Make Our Own Reality, looks at the same topic but from a different angle. Here are a couple of helpful quotes:

I peruse many of the CD web sites, always looking to learn, feel connected.  A common theme I run across is the wish that society were more accepting or “gee, I wish it were possible for me to go out”.  The absolute truth of the matter is that we are our own worst enemy.

If you simply are not comfortable, then you should not go out.  But don’t blame the world, it’s all in your head.  People, not institutions, not organizations, not political parties, not religions, people, are very good, very accepting.

Restrooms for Crossdressers


Once out in the open, one of the most difficult questions to answer is about what to do when one needs to use the restroom. Kandi’s Land has an excellent article with lots of sound advice based on personal experience. Here is one of the eleven different tips she offers:

When I am in a public restroom and young children enter, I stay put. If I happen to be in a stall, I stay until they children leave. If I see them entering before me, I wait. If they enter while I am washing up, I quickly finish and leave. It’s all about being smart here as well. Nothing good can happen in this situation with children involved, it will only be nothing or something negative.

Read more about Kandi’s perspective on Bathrooms.

Subscribing to the Kandi’s Land Crossdressing Blog

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So what did you think about these examples from Kandi’s Land? I would love to read your opinion about whether more of this type of information is something you are seeking from The Crossdresser Report. If not, what types of articles are of interest to you as a crossdresser? Please leave your comments below.

xoxoxo Sami

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Sami has been a part-time crossdresser for about 5 years. Although she still has a lot to learn herself, she is enjoying teaching new crossdressers tips that will hopefully help them on their adventure.
Besides enjoying her time with her family and working as a web developer, Sami loves to travel, make home improvements, and create jewelry in her spare time.
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5 thoughts on “Kandi’s Land – Check Out Her Crossdressing Blog”

  1. Sami,
    I am a regular reader of Kandi’s blog and her post permitted me to link over to your blog. So far I have only read a little but, as my limited time permits I will slog through your blog and comment from time to time. I am a computer luddite and try to limit my computer to only what I can understand and control so I will likely just pop in from time to time rather than subscribe.

  2. Hi, I’m Trisha from Las Vegas, I’m an older transwoman in her late 60’s… Discovered this web site a few days ago… Looks like a lot of time and consideration was put into this domain… Congratulations … I really do enjoy viewing and reading many of the articles posted… The support I used to belong too in Vegas, folded.. I was wondering if they are any groups forming or active in the Las Vegas area… I read my e-mails daily

    1. Hello Trisha,

      I checked into the same topic before I moved to Las Vegas about a year ago. I had asked someone who attended Diva Las Vegas last year to do a little research for me. She said that there are no formal groups in Las Vegas, but that there are plenty of crossdressers located there. So it is just a matter of doing a little work to find some of these people.

      Diva Las Vegas is an excellent opportunity to network with the locals. Unfortunately it is cancelled this year due to the virus outbreak. You might be able to visit their website to see whether you can make contact with one of the local people to try to get more information.

      There is also the LBGTQ Center of Las Vegas ( It’s possible you may be able to get some information there.

      Kind regards, Sami

  3. Hello I too grew up in southwestern kansas. I have dress there on a few occasions. I now have a home base near springfied Mo. Just a couple of weeks ago I was in vegas for the halloween party on fremont St. I was dress as a lolita and no one cared if I was a guy. I have dress at other times in vegas and have no problems. The only problem was security at the time did not want me to wear a mask and the last time they would not let me in unless I had a mask. How things can change. I am a traveling nomad who travels about the country. Presently I am at the slabs in Ca. For veterans day I dress in a nice outfit and went to the olive garden in yuma. I got excellent service and many compliments from the waitress. One of the few keys of going out is to have a decent wig or have your hair done by a solon if your hair is long enough. The common mistake CDs make is to buy a very cheap wig and it shows. Wig shops are more than happy to help in that regard and also how to take care of it. Another is to be wearing a tasteful outfit. The wearing of a mini skirt is out unless it is nite time clubbing. It also helps to have makeup applied very well. A solon can do this for you at a price of course. I have had several women teach me some of the finer points of makeup. The one thing I have found out about women is if you tell them you want to look like a woman they will practically fall all over themselves to help you. At the clothing stores I have told the sales girls what I want to do and usually I get more help than I want. To them it is a sale and a commission for them. I have gone to many gay bars across the country and no one bats an eye. I do remember a couple of guys who thought I look very good and they were hopeful of picking me up. I declined their offer by saying my wife would not approve. I have been openly out since my first divorce in the early 90s.. I have had little to no problems. The only time I saw a problem was when a bunch of us decided to go to a resturant late at nite. That is usually when the drunks are out and one drunk almost got his clock clean when he tried to single one of us. His friends grab him and drug him away. I do carry a big friend in my purse but thankfully he has never been called upon. I have run into some teenage kids, they can spot one of us in a flash. When they start their antics I found if you smile at then and say hello they will usually settle down. I have have them gather around me and start asking me many questions. The thing to do is be polite and as truthful as you can be. It does not hurt to wish them luck when you depart. In conclusion I have found if you go about your business like you own the damn place and have every right to be there no one really pays any attention to you.

  4. Hello, I am happy to have found your blog. Even though I haven’t had time to read it calmly I have had a nice time on it (especially in the articles about walking in heels) and thanks to you now I also know Kandi’s blog. You have a very nice blog, I hope to read new articles soon. Bye.

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