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Limited Crossdressing Opportunities
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For all of us crossdressers, we have our share of ups and downs on our crossdressing journey. The past few months were an up for me, but I’ve had a setback. I now have more limited crossdressing opportunities.

Adjusting to Limited Crossdressing Opportunities

I am fortunate to have an understanding wife. She is all about helping the family. For me, it is understanding my crossdressing needs and helping me along the way. She is also devoted to her children and grandchildren.

Without going into many of the personal details, I finally had free reign of our house after my wife’s oldest granddaughter finally went out on her own a few months ago. I relished the opportunity to roam around the house when I desired. Being able to put on a skirt, blouse, and high heels when I wanted was liberating.

limited crossdressing opportunities
Stuck in a cage after being free

Due to circumstances, her oldest grandson needed to move back with us. Now that he is here, I no longer have unlimited opportunities to go about as I want. In a way, I feel someone has locked me in a cage after having the freedom of being out in the open.

Now that I’ve had a taste of that freedom, what am I going to do?

A Temporary Situation

Fortunately, this is just a temporary situation that likely we will resolve this summer. In the meantime, I have these coping mechanisms available for dealing with limited crossdressing opportunities:

  • The grandson plays video games into the long hours of the night. Hence he sleeps half the day. When he is awake, he usually stays in his room, which has the gaming system. So I am able to roam about the house as long as I am careful.
  • It is worth the small risk of being seen while venturing about the house from time to time .
  • I still plan to have more en femme outings this year, which will be extra opportunities without worrying about being discovered by him. Of course, that weighs against some of the stress from being out en femme, but the purpose of those outings is to help me with overcoming that stress. I’d be doing that anyway, whether he was here or not. Working on overcoming fear is one of my goals for the year.

Not as Bad as I Thought

After the first disappointment, I have to say that I am adjusting better than I thought. It isn’t easy having freedom taken away, but it is temporary, and I have a plan for coping. I just look at it as a temporary setback.

I know that many of my readers have living situations which prevent them from dressing very often. This experience reminds me that all of our situations are different, changing with time.

xoxoxo Sami

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