Should a crossdresser subscribe to a women's magazine?

Should a Crossdresser Subscribe to a Women’s Magazine?

You see them at nearly every checkout lane, staring you in the face. These are the models and actresses on the cover of those women’s magazines. The cover entices you by the dreams of wearing what they wear, trying the makeup, and the like. So should you buy it? Or better yet, should a crossdresser subscribe to a women’s magazine?

Why Read a Women’s Magazine?

To sum it up in one word: FUN!

  • Who wouldn’t want to take a sneak peak at the latest fashions while easing into crossdressing?
  • How about looking at the articles and ads to see different ways to color your nails?
  • Perhaps gaining some insight into the female psyche?

These are a few of the many reasons one would want to read a women’s magazine. I could be wrong, but I think most women like these magazines because they are a great way to escape the daily struggles of life. They are a way to fantasize about the woman they could become. Along the way they may even pick up a few useful tips to try, or learn something they hadn’t considered.

Should a Crossdresser Subscribe to a Women's Magazine?Should a Crossdresser Read a Women’s Magazine?

If you are like me, you probably have a few questions about how to conduct yourself as a woman while crossdressed. Here are a few questions I have had, many of which I was able to learn the answers to while reading women’s magazines.

  • Where can I find fashionable shoes at a price I can afford?
  • Should I look for trending fashions, or stick with clothing that stands the test of time?
  • What topics do women talk about among themselves?
  • The next time I shop for a wig, what types of hairstyles should I consider?
  • What cosmetics and products do readers of the magazines consider the best?

These types of questions, along with many others, are what new crossdressers, who are looking at womanhood from the outside in, are curious about. These are some of the reasons why I as crossdresser subscribe to a women’s magazine.

These magazines won’t answer these questions immediately, but they will chip away at your knowledge deficit over time.

Finally, there is one more big reason for why a crossdresser should read women’s magazines. It is a perfect way to feel a little girly when you need it! Even if you aren’t able to dress at the time, you can always steal away a few moments to take a look at a women’s magazine, and it helps perk up the girly feeling you are craving.

Should a Crossdresser Subscribe to a Women’s Magazine?

My answer for you is a resounding YES!

First, I suggest you take some time deciding which magazine appeals to you. Just go to your local store and pick up a few. If the thought of what the checkout clerk thinks scares you, I can reassure you that they will hardly even notice it. You can add a few other items into your order to try to “confuse” them if you like, but I am 99.9% sure all they are thinking about is how much longer do I have to keep standing here scanning people’s orders. All I know is that, over the years, I’ve never been questioned, or even been given a questioning look. You’ll be safe!

Women’s Magazines to Consider

Next, take your time reading through the women’s magazines. They all have their own styles and idiosyncracies. Here are a few with which I am familiar.

  • Cosmopolitan is my personal favorite. I love looking at the ads, and every once in a while I will try something. There are also product highlights, which has given me insights into brands of clothing and shoes to investigate further. I also appreciate the fun articles, especially about dating fiascos and other interesting situations. In short, this magazine does the trick for making Sami feel girly. I’ve been a steady subscriber for about five years.
  • Allure is also one of my favorites. This is my go-to magazine when wanting to learn about which cosmetics and personal hygiene items to buy. My favorite thing about Allure is the annual Reader’s Choice Awards. These readers really know how to choose great products! It has really simplified my hunt for what will work for me.
  • Harper’s Bazaar it the one to read when you want to see the very latest in fashion. This is where you can look at some of the latest fashions from the shows. To be frank, I don’t think these would look good on me, and I certainly can’t afford most of these fashions, but it does give some great insight into the world of high-end women’s fashion.

How to Subscribe to Your Favorites

Should a crossdresser subscribe to a women’s magazine? You answer will soon be yes after you read a few.

Once you have chosen a women’s magazine that you enjoy and provides value to you, consider signing up for a subscription. This not only gives you a constant stream of entertainment and information, but also saves you real money. Magazines purchased at the store usually come with postcards used to start the subscription, and many also have online options available.

Some of you may fear having magazines sent to your house with your name on it. If you have an understanding mate, you can ask her to do it. For those of you who don’t, consider having it mailed to an understanding friend’s address (after getting permission, of course!) You may also want to consider getting an inexpensive post office box.

Putting It All Together

For many of us crossdressers, the world of the feminine, while exciting, is still very new to us. Learning more about its ins and outs is key to helping you present yourself in a feminine way. Consider reading women’s magazines on a regular basis, or even just when you can. You’ll eventually find a few to which you relate and enjoy.

Should a Crossdresser Subscribe to a Women's Magazine? Yes!
Yes! You can do it!

Finally, you can’t beat the cost savings and convenience of a subscription. I consider it really fun to see my name on the address when the magazine arrives each month! So my answer to the question, should a crossdresser subscribe to a women’s magazine, is a resounding, enthusiastic “Yes!”

xoxoxo Sami

What are your favorite women’s magazines? Did you decide to subscribe?  Leave a comment.

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  1. I adore Grazia so Glossy are the covers it makes me want to open my body and swallow the whole magazine each month so I slowly become a gorgeous glossy women’s magazine.

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