How to Find Your Ring Size

Many new crossdressers really don’t know what to think about rings. After all, most men don’t wear rings as a decoration. A wedding band is about the limit. So do you want to venture into the amazing world of rings with me? Read on! In this first of a series about rings, I’ll teach you how to find your ring size.

First Things First

One thing I know is that it is hard to find rings in sizes that work for crossdressers. Let’s face it, we just have bigger fingers than our female counterparts. This is why you can get a head start by getting your fingers sized.

This may seem obvious, but the first thing you should consider is what fingers you’d like to display your new treasure. If you are like me, any finger will do. Perhaps your style is simpler. Just picture in your mind sitting down, legs crossed, and having your hands resting upon your knee. In that picture, where do you see your rings? Whatever you see, that’s a good start. You can always adjust your style as you get further into your experimentation.

Accuracy Counts

Now that you have decided which fingers to size, you should next consider the sizing accuracy you want to meet. This is because some methods of ring sizing are more accurate than others.

If you are planning to buy very inexpensive costume jewelry, you may not want to take the time to get an exact number. That’s perfectly okay. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy an expensive, custom-sized ring online, it is worth taking the extra effort.

Another consideration affecting accuracy is that the size of your fingers change throughout the day.  Being able to remove your ring at anytime is important. Fingers tend to swell during the day and get thinner again overnight. When sizing your fingers, I suggest doing so in the afternoon or evening to take the swelling into consideration.

It’s Not Hard to Find Your Ring Size!

Whew! I threw out a lot for you to consider already. Please don’t be overwhelmed, because when it comes down to it, how to find your ring size really isn’t that hard.

There’s four methods I am explaining. These go from the least accurate to most.

  • Paper Band
  • Adjustable Ring Sizer
  • Fixed Ring Sizer
  • Jeweler
How to Find Your Ring Size with a Paper Band
Measure from the edge of the mark to the edge of the strip (2 3/4″)

How to Find Your Ring Size with a Paper Band

Using a paper band is a good way to get a quick measurement. After all, you need only some paper, scissors, a good ruler, and a marker pen.

However, it is the least accurate way to get a measurement. This is because paper is flexible, while the metal band of a ring is not. The ring is nearly circular, but a band of paper around your knuckle conforms to the shape of your knuckle, which is not quite circular.

Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Take a piece of paper, the stiffer, the better.
  2. Cut a strip about half an inch wide and about 3 1/2 inches long.
  3. Wrap the strip around your finger. The best place to measure is the knuckle nearest the palm of your hand. This is because the knuckle is the most difficult part to slide a ring. Make the strip fairly snug but slightly loose.
  4. Using the marker pen and starting on the overlapping flap of paper, draw a mark that ends on the underlying paper.

    How to mark the paper strip
  5. Flatten the strip of paper, then measure from the edge to the mark. You can use either inches or millimeters, your choice.
  6. Use this chart to find your ring size. Be sure to use the circumference column to match the measurement, not the diameter column.

How to Find Your Ring Size with an Adjustable Sizer

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Click this image to buy an adjustable ring sizer.

A plastic adjustable ring sizer is the next best choice for how to find your ring size. The advantages are the inexpensive price and the ease of use. Its disadvantage is the same as the paper strip. This is because it is flexible, and a ring is not. However, it is more accurate than a paper strip because the adjustable sizer is not as flexible as the paper strip.

The ring sizer is really easy to use. Just follow these simple and easy steps.

  1. Fit the end of the ring sizer into its “buckle” as you would for a belt.
  2. Adjust the size so that it slides over the finger being measured.
  3. Make the sizer slightly snug when going over the knuckle. You don’t want your new ring to slide off your finger.
  4. Read the measurement directly from the ring sizer.

How to Find Your Ring Size with a Fixed Ring Sizer

Click this image to buy a NARROW fixed ring sizer.

The most accurate way for how to find your ring size yourself is with a fixed ring sizer. Like the ring you’ll be wearing, these ring sizers are solid and inflexible.

If you go this route, be sure to buy a metal ring sizer, not a plastic one. This is because the plastic ones do have some flex to them.

If you are planning to get a ring with a narrow band, you’ll want to buy a narrow ring sizer. Because wider bands are more difficult to get over the knuckle, you’ll need a wide sizer for that. To slide over the knuckle, a wider band typically is 1/2 size larger than a narrower band.

Click this image to buy a WIDE fixed ring sizer.

Here are the steps for finding your ring size when using a fixed sizer:

  1. Get the narrow or wide sizer depending upon the style of ring you are considering.
  2. The rings on the sizer go from small to large. You don’t want to get the sizer stuck on your finger, so start with the larger sizes.
  3. Work your way down in size until you find the size that takes a small amount of effort to remove over your knuckle. Make it easy to remove, but not too easy, because you don’t want your ring to slip off unexpectedly.
  4. Read the size stamped on sizer that fits perfectly.

How to Find Your Ring Size with a Jeweler

Why would you want to go to a jeweler to find your ring size? For starters, they know what they are doing! Better yet, they do it for free. You don’t need to buy a ring sizer, and your size will be accurate.

Of course, the jewelry shop will want to show you their fantastic choices. Even if you aren’t planning to buy jewelry there, take a few minutes to look over their selections. If nothing else, this will help you narrow your choices when you go shopping later.

Now Get Shopping!

Now that you know how to find your ring size and have done it, the real fun begins. There are thousands upon thousands of choices available. When shopping online, you’ll need an accurate size so that you know exactly what rings are available. Use one of these four methods to find your size. You’ll be so pleased that you may decide to get your ears pierced next so that you can wear some matching earrings!

xoxoxo Sami

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