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Color Me Beautiful – A Book for Improving Your Wardrobe – Sami’s Pick

Sami's PickColor is a major consideration when you want to look your best while wearing your fashions. To help you choose the colors that are best for you, Sami’s pick is Color Me Beautiful’s Looking Your Best: Color, Makeup, and Style. This book has transformed Sami’s wardrobe, both for her women’s clothes and his men’s fashions. Read about how she went from clueless to colorful.

Why Sami Read Color Me Beautiful’s Looking Your Best

When I started crossdressing, I was glad to get whatever clothes I could. I had no idea what I was doing. I am sure many of my readers can relate. It could sometimes become overwhelming, not unlike choosing the first few pairs of earrings.

To become savvier, I started reading. A lot. Color Me Beautiful’s Looking Your Best: Color, Makeup, and Style, by Mary Spillane and Christine Sherlock, is one of a handful of books that not only explained why some of my clothes looked terrible on me but also what to do about it.

Color Me Beautiful helps you select great looking colors

Finding Your Type of Complexion

Even though I liked the general appearance of most of my clothes, there was something about some of them that weren’t quite right. I couldn’t explain why either.

When I first read Color Me Beautifulby Carole Jackson, I started seeing some hope for figuring out what was wrong. Color Me Beautiful explains how certain colors of fabric go well with some complexions but horribly with others.

There are four types of complexions: Spring, Summer, Winter, and Autumn. From the descriptions, I felt I was probably an Autumn complexion, but I wasn’t sure. I felt there were other color types that I could be. I finished that book somewhat confused but also intrigued.

A few months later I discovered the follow-on book: Color Me Beautiful’s Looking Your Best: Color, Makeup, and Style. This book has hit the spot and is one of my favorite references.

In the new book, there are twelve types of complexion and not four types. Better yet, I was able to pinpoint my exact type: Deep Autumn. I was so excited to see a model whose complexion matched my own!

Learning the Colors that Complement Your Complexion

What I also discovered are the exact shades of color I should seek:

Pewter Black Brown Stone Black
Cream Camel Light Peach Deep Peach
Salmon Pink Tomato Red Mahogany True Red
Terracotta Rust Aubergine Yellow Gold
Mustard Moss Olive Lime
Bronze Emerald Green Hot Turquoise Chinese Blue
Pine Navy Teal Purple

In addition to now knowing what colors look great on me, I also now understand why some of my clothes were less flattering. The color of the clothing simply didn’t look good on my skin. Putting those colors would do things such as make my skin look washed out or ruddy. On the other hand, every color I have tried from this list has accented my complexion.

The other great news from having this list is that I could feel confident in my new clothing purchases. I have even tried some colors that I thought being caught dead in were actually quite nice (mustard, for one!) I also discovered my favorite color is olive, which I had never considered before.

As a crossdresser, I buy most of my women’s clothing online. Having this list of colors has saved me hundreds of dollars in what would have been poor choices or return fees. I paid for the cost of the book after just one or two orders.

I also have a copy of the list of colors on my phone, so that when I am out shopping in a store, I have ready access to it. My memory isn’t good enough to keep track of all 28 colors on its own!

Getting the Book to Discover Your Best Colors

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This book has made a huge impact for Sami, improving her wardrobe immensely. Why not consider doing yourself the same favor by purchasing a copy for yourself?

Color Me Beautiful’s Looking Your Best: Color, Makeup, and Style

Kindle or Paperback

xoxoxo Sami

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