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You’ve decided you can enhance your feminine appearance by adding a ring to your finger. You know you need a large size, and it is hard to find anything that looks how you want in the size you need as a crossdresser. Sami has wonderful news that help you! Read about Sami’s Pick of Silver Filigree Jewelry before choosing the perfect, custom-sized ring for you!

Custom Rings in Your Size

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I have been a shopper of women’s rings all of my adult life. Of course I didn’t know what I was doing at first. It was before the days of Internet shopping, so I ventured to the stores in my town, mostly at the malls. Too embarrassed to try rings on for size, I’d look for the largest size in a style I’d like to try. This was usually size 9, the size of my pinky today. If I’d get really lucky, I’d find a size 10, the size of my ring finger today.

Even after Internet shopping became more common, it was still hard to find larger-sized feminine rings. The jewelry wholesalers just don’t make them. If nobody makes them, the retailers, online or not, can’t sell them.

This is why I got really, really excited when I finally found an eBay jeweler that will fit most of its offerings to whatever size you need. That jeweler is Silver Filigree Jewelry. Their specialty is making a custom-sized ring for you.

Larger Gemstones for Larger Hands

In an earlier article about choosing the perfect ring, I’ve talked about how larger gemstones look better on larger hands. It’s one thing to find a large-size ring. Even more difficult is finding a feminine ring with a large stone and a large size. Fortunately Silver Filigree Jewelry has a large selection that satisfies both needs. I am including pictures of some of their rings that, when clicked, take you directly to their listing. If you find something you like, feel free to click a picture.

8 carat Oval *Aquamarine* Sterling Silver Vintage Filigree Ring

The custom-sized ring I am showing, to the left, is the first random one I could find on the store. I chose randomly so that you can see a good representative sample of what the store offers. The stone is an 8-carat oval, simulated aquamarine.

Carats are a measure of a stone’s weight, not size. One of two stones of the same weight possibly is flatter and more spread than the other. In this case, the 8-carat stone is about 5/8″ tall and 1/2″ wide.

Because of its size, it has a nice proportion for a larger hand. The detailed filigree work on the sides of the ring give it a wonderfully feminine look. The best part is that you can order the ring in any size from US 4 – 11. On my large hands, I could choose either pinky or ring finger. I’m not sure I would choose it for a pinky because I think it would look too large and out of proportion on the smaller fingers.

Smaller Gemstones for Smaller Fingers

3 carat *Red Ruby* Sterling Silver Art Deco 1930s Filigree Ring

For a pinky, I would choose something a little more delicate, simply because the pinky is smaller than the other fingers. The custom-sized ring to the right has a 3 carat round simulated ruby, about 3/8″ in diameter. It has lovely detailing on the band, and is available in sizes US 4 – 13.

Both of these rings, and indeed most of the offered custom-sized rings, are sterling silver. This is my favorite metal for two reasons. First, white metals are the fashion now. Second, sterling silver is one of the most affordable metal options. The store does offer other metals, such as gold, but by far sterling silver is the metal most commonly used.

Great Prices for Custom Jewelry

A quick scan of the seller’s eBay site shows prices for a custom-sized ring range from $25 to $249.  The higher priced items usually are gold or have genuine gemstones.

The aquamarine ring ranges in price from $35 to $37, depending upon the size ordered. The ruby ring is from $30 to $34. Both of these are really good deals, considering they are of sterling silver and they fit perfectly! Considering they have thousands of choices, you are sure to find something attractive that also fits your budget.

Fast Processing for Custom Jewelry

The store says that it takes 15 days for your order to arrive. In the past I have found it takes closer to 10 days. I’ve had experiences with other sellers that take as long as ten days to arrive, and there was no custom sizing. I think waiting only about two weeks is amazing, given the size fits you perfectly.

Sami’s Pick

Sami’s Rings from Silver Filigree Jewelry

I think Silver Filigree Jewelry is a gem of a store, no pun intended! In fact, I like it so much that I treat myself to a new ring for my birthday every year. Here is a picture of the two rings that I have gotten so far.

The first if the green ring on my middle finger. It is US size 13, which is very difficult to find. It’s not a problem with this jeweler though, because getting it custom-sized was easy! The red ring on my index finger is also US size 13.

As you have seen in this article, this jeweler really knows what they are doing, has a great choice with both large and small gemstones, and, most importantly, can get your ring sized exactly how you want it. Be sure to check out the article on ring sizing, then head over to my favorite jeweler on eBay, Silver Filigree Jewelry.

xoxoxo Sami

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