Crossdresser Restaurant Review 303 Bistro Kansas City Missouri US

Crossdresser Restaurant Review:
303 Bistro in Kansas City, Missouri, US

It pleases me to announce that Janessa is the first who has submitted a crossdresser restaurant review. Thank you, Janessa! With some friends, Janessa visited the 303 Bistro while in Kansas City, Missouri. The restaurant serves assorted French dishes, with a smattering of American cuisine, such as burgers.

Restaurant Rating for 303 Bistro:Crossdresser Restaurant Review RatingCrossdresser Restaurant Review RatingCrossdresser Restaurant Review RatingCrossdresser Restaurant Review Rating

303 Bistro earns a score of 4 hearts out of 5 for its food, atmosphere, and service.

Located at 303 Westport Road, 303 Bistro is in the Westport neighborhood of Kansas City, Missouri. The area is well-known for its bar and restaurant scene, making it a great place to meet old friends and new.

Janessa reports that the staff is very friendly and accommodating. The Philly steak sandwich was good, and the chefs prepared it quickly. On the other hand, the seating was a little too tight. This is why she chose a rating of 4 and not 5.

Crossdresser-Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly Rating:

303 Bistro earns a score of 5 dresses out of 5 for being friendly to crossdressers.

Janessa said that the staff at 303 Bistro was very friendly. They treated her as a woman and not a crossdresser. There were plenty of “ma’ams” and “dears” said during the experience. Isn’t being treated well what crossdressers want when out in public? That’s the way you’ll be treated while en femme at 303 Bistro.

Summary of this Crossdresser Restaurant Review

When you are in the Kansas City area, please consider a visit to 303 Bistro. You can read more about the restaurant on their website.

I hope you enjoyed this Crossdresser Restaurant Review. For more ideas on how to enhance your crossdressing experience, be sure to take a look at Crossdresser Recommendations & Ratings.

xoxoxo Sami

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