Crossdresser Resources:<br>Refuge Restrooms

Crossdresser Resources:
Refuge Restrooms

If you are going out en femme for any length of time, you are eventually going to need to use a restroom. I don’t know about you, but I don’t yet feel comfortable going into a women’s restroom because I may scare someone. Because I fear being assaulted, I also won’t go into a men’s restroom. That is where one of the best crossdresser resources, Refuge Restrooms, is of such great benefit.

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Sami’s Pick:<br>Flatter Your Figure

Sami’s Pick:
Flatter Your Figure

Sami's PickAll of us have different body shapes and sizes, each with its advantages and liabilities. Did you know that you can use clothing to highlight your assets while also minimizing your weaknesses? To help you choose the clothing styles that are best for you, Sami’s pick is Flatter Your Figure, by Jan Larkey. This book has improved Sami’s wardrobe.

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Sami’s Pick:<br>Color Me Beautiful’s Looking Your Best: Color, Makeup and Style

Sami’s Pick:
Color Me Beautiful’s Looking Your Best: Color, Makeup and Style

Sami's PickColor is a major consideration when you want to look your best while wearing your fashions. To help you choose the colors that are best for you, Sami’s pick is Color Me Beautiful’s Looking Your Best: Color, Makeup, and Style. This book has transformed Sami’s wardrobe, both for her women’s clothes and his men’s fashions.

Sami’s Pick in a Nutshell

When I started crossdressing, I was glad to get whatever I could. I had no idea what I was doing. I am sure many of my readers can relate. Read More

Great Looking Legs, the Epilator Way!

Great Looking Legs, the Epilator Way!

Fortunately for many of us crossdressers, our legs are a great asset. Our build makes it so that the legs are accentuated in all of the right places, especially when wearing heels.

The problem is that you don’t get this great look with legs that are covered with fur. So you have two choices: cover them up with hosiery (an acceptable solution), or remove the hair. Read More

New Crossdresser’s Guide to Shopping:<br>If the Shoe Fits, Wear It!

New Crossdresser’s Guide to Shopping:
If the Shoe Fits, Wear It!

As a new crossdresser, one of the biggest challenges I faced was how to find women’s shoes that fit. Add to this the adventure of trying women’s shoes in a store (not!!!) How can one avoid having the first pair of shoes being a disaster?

Size Does Matter

Size does matter for the new crossdresserLet’s assume that, as a new crossdresser, you don’t want to be seen in the women’s shoe department. What can you do to discover your women’s shoe size? Read More

Crossdressing Blog:<br>Here We Go!

Crossdressing Blog:
Here We Go!

If you are like me, you still have a lot of questions about your crossdressing journey. Should I wear my shiny black stilettos or something more practical?

Now that we are on the topic of all things practical, shall we go into the real reason for this new crossdressing blog?

One of the things I have found difficult is finding answers to my many questions about crossdressing. Most of the time I could eventually find answers to questions. Some remain unanswered. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be great to have a place to find answers, tips, advice, and inspiring stories? As a result, The¬†Crossdresser Report was born! Read More