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Crossdressing Goals: 1st Quarter Review – Sami’s Week

Remember January 1st of this year? Do you remember your hopes and dreams for the new year? If you were like me, you may have thought about some of the crossdressing goals you would like to do for the year. I feel I have made some progress, and I’d like to share with you in the hope that it inspires you to take a fresh look at your own goals for crossdressing.

Chipping Away at Fear

In case you may have missed earlier posts, overcoming all sorts of fear is one of my main motivations for crossdressing. As I become more confident with my crossdressing, I also become less fearful in other areas of my life. After all, it takes staring at the fear in front of you to get the courage to go someplace outside the safety of home. Chipping away at these fears are one of my crossdressing goals.

The Power of One for Overcoming Crossdressing FearThat’s why I am a big advocate of The Power of One. That is the philosophy that a person can chip away at what they fear by doing something, anything, once a day. Over time, what was once feared becomes routine. The fear may still be there, but it has lost its control over you.

About six weeks ago, I decided to face my fear of going out in my small town. I decided to go through a drive through once a week. I wrote about the first week back then. Since then, I’ve continued my commitment to do it every week. There are still some weeks that bailing out still comes to mind, front and center. Despite that fear, I do it anyway.

It still doesn’t seem routine to me yet, but I can tell you for sure that my confidence has grown a lot. For one, I am not scanning the parking lot as I enter it each week. My palms aren’t getting sweaty. So what I have discovered about myself is that the fear hasn’t gone away, but it is taking much less effort each week to take that one step out the door. Once I head out the door, everything is going great. I think that’s a huge accomplishment for me.

Upgrading Appearance

One thing I hadn’t planned in my crossdressing goals for this year was to spend a good amount of money to upgrade Sami’s appearance. Yes, that means some vastly improved boobs and a terrific wig. I plan to write more about these in a different post, but I’ll give you the links now so that you can take a look at what I bought.

After looking at several postings in the Crossdressers.com forum, I decided to try The Breast Form Store. I first used their Online Breast Form Fitter tool. Afterward, I selected the Gold Seal Classic 2 in size 8. There are two major improvements with these breast forms over my earlier ones. First, the forms are more triangular in shape than teardrop shaped. This makes the form extend into the underarm area a bit, which fills my bra more naturally. Second, the back side of these forms has room for my natural B cup breasts. This allows the forms to stay in place better, and not wanting to slide to one side or the other.

My other major upgrade was a wig from Godiva’s Secret. I really never dreamed I would spend this much on a wig, but I am really glad I did.

One of the problems I faced with all of my other wigs is that my head is just too big to fit comfortably in them. My favorite wig always left me feeling my head had been in a vise for hours. So I wanted to find something with a larger cap.

Sami’s New Wig

I found a cheaper large-cap wig on eBay so that I could try it on for size. What a huge difference the larger size made! Although I was enjoying the size of the wig, I had my eye on the choices offered by Godiva’s Secret. I just couldn’t justify the price, so I decided to wait until after we move this summer.

Godiva’s Secret foiled that plan, however, when I received an email about two weeks before Mother’s Day. Godiva’s Secret was offering 30% off wigs. The prospect of saving well over $100 was the excuse I needed, so I ordered the Large Harper wig in the Marble Brown color.

Besides the larger size, what amazes me the most about this wig is that it has a lace front and monofilament top. Both of these parts of the wig have each strand of hair hand-knotted, which is the main reason the wig is so expensive.

Here’s what that buys: a more natural hairline and part. The lace front gives the wig a more fuzzy, natural hairline, and not the abrupt hairline found on wigs without a lace front. Even more exciting is the monofilament top. It does two things. First, it allows you to part your hair wherever you want. Gone is the forced part down the middle. Second is the natural looking scalp under those top hairs. So that part, wherever you put it, looks like there is scalp skin under it, and not fabric.

I spent a lot of money on these two upgrades, but the improved appearance is very exciting!

Focused Makeup Practice

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Crossdressing Goals: Makeup PracticeMy morning routine includes practice with makeup. It was taking way too long each day, so I decided one of my crossdressing goals is spending my time focusing on the parts that will help me get ready to go out as quickly as possible. In other words, I am trying to decide what is the minimal makeup I need to look presentable. After spending a few weeks improving my mascara application skills, I decided to focus a lot of time on foundation and the covering of the beard. The trick is to apply enough to cover the dark hair without it looking caked on.

I use a liquid foundation from L’oreal called True Match. I was able to experiment with shades until I found one that blended well with my skin tone, W3 Nude Beige. Using a triangular sponge, I gradually layer the foundation. Once I have the beard covered, I spend time blending the surrounding area until there is a smooth transition. Finally, I finish with a dusting of translucent powder. I’m still practicing regularly, and I think I am doing well enough that I often wear the foundation even when dressed in male clothes.

How about Your Crossdressing Goals?

Ok, I’ve shared some of my progress toward my crossdressing goals with you. I hope that they have in some way inspired you. With that inspiration, take a look at where you are since the beginning of the year. Have you made any progress since then? Where do you wish you had done better? If you don’t mind sharing too, please leave your comments in the space below. Thanks, and I hope you are having a terrific year!

xoxoxo Sami

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What do you think of Sami’s progress? What about your own progress?  Leave a comment.

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3 thoughts on “Crossdressing Goals: 1st Quarter Review – Sami’s Week”

  1. Sami,
    I recently found your blog. Thank you very much, I find the article well written and informative.
    I think you have realistic goals and are making good progress. As one reads through the blog it is easy to see the progress.
    My progress goals have been 2 fold, 1) to loose weight 2) to be out in public a little bit more.
    As a 58 year old male who has sat at a desk for 40 years I have a bulge in the middle that needs to go away. Due to diabetes I have taken this a little more serious and changed my diet. In one month I have lost 15 pounds and have 15 more to go to reach my goal. I will be joining a gym shortly to help with the endurance and core muscles. (yuck I hate gyms)
    Second goal is to go public. I would do little things like had my ears pierced. I was buying clothes online and this was not the best since I had no idea how they would fit. However I found some dresses, skirts and tops I liked and wear them once in awhile at the office. I would drive through Denver en femme and then change back to work clothes. I started going to convienience stores wearing hoop earrings, bra with forms and sometimes a female tank top making my self interact with the clerk. (no wig, or make up). Next it was wig, makeup, dress shoes everything. Finally Friday I went into a local sporting goods store and browsed the ladies department and then left. I had to a\go to the pharmacy and get a few groceries. This was the hardest part as it is in a town where I know a lot of people. But once I left the safety of the truck I was committed. Had a few looks from teenage girls but who cared. I was soon back in the safety of the truck. More to come on this.

    1. Wow, Heidi! That sounds like terrific progress. As you have found firsthand, doing what is a little uncomfortable is how we grow. I am proud of your accomplishments, and I also appreciate the fact you took the time to share them with others.

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