Crossdressing Plans in the Making - Sami's Week

Crossdressing Plans in the Making – Sami’s Week


How many times have you made plans for the future, only to see those crossdressing plans go awry? Do you adapt those plans to the new situation, or simply give up?

My personal plans for this year, including my plans for crossdressing, haven’t gone the way I expected. The good news is that is about to change. Be sure to continue reading to get the scoop. Perhaps there will be a nugget that will help you with your own plans.

Why Make a Crossdressing Plan?

If you are new to crossdressing, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the things you’d like to try. Perhaps you are still trying to discover your shoe size so that you can finally try some high heels. Maybe you are puzzling over why you enjoy crossdressing as much as you do or are struggling telling someone significant in your life. Should you subscribe to a women’s magazine for additional insight? For some, learning how to apply makeup properly is a big priority. Maybe your biggest goal is finding somewhere to use the restroom in public.

Whether your list is small or large, it is still just a list. Planning takes that mental list and puts action behind it.

Shall we take a look at some of the items on my personal list, and see what I’ve planned to do to move forward on these? My own crossdressing plan may not help you directly, but the process is something you can use for your own situation.

Crossdressing Plans for the Future – Moving

My subscribers may have noticed a lack of posts for several months. My intentions are good, but I have been working for many months preparing a house for sale, marketing this house located in the middle of the United States, and also simultaneously operating a household in Las Vegas, Nevada. The house still isn’t sold, so I continue to commute about 1,000 miles every weekend, alternating between the two locations. Needless to say, this is very time-consuming!

Sami’s New Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada

There is a great reason for making this move though, despite the temporary inconvenience. Although it is possible to live as a crossdresser in rural America, I believe it will become much easier in Las Vegas. That is one of the primary reasons for planning this move for the past two years.

I don’t pretend that it will always be easy. There are troublesome folks anywhere one goes. However, I do believe that I will fit into the crowd much easier though. People expect the unusual in Las Vegas.

Sami’s Thoughts on the Move…

So what has been my experience so far? Well, I haven’t spent any time completely en femme because my stuff is still spread among both locations. I really don’t dress in either place at the moment. However, in Las Vegas, I do spend time partially dressed. I have my women’s jeans, and I often wear women’s sandals and my jewelry. There are sometimes strange looks, mostly from neighboring teenagers. On the whole, though, I’d say that the community has been quite accepting of my unusual flair while still foregoing the wig and makeup.

I find the people living in Las Vegas to be friendlier, on average, than the people in the American Midwest. My wife has a theory about this. She says that the majority of the people living in Las Vegas are more recent transplants to the area. There isn’t quite the same long, long history of family and acquaintances. As a result, people treat each other a little bit more like everybody is family.

While I haven’t been able to crossdress after moving to Las Vegas, I certainly think this part of my crossdressing plan is going to work tremendously in the coming year. Plus, I am really enjoying the much warmer weather!

Crossdressing Plans for the Future – More Time En Femme

The most exciting part of this move is that I should be able to spend a lot more time crossdressed without worry. Between all of the great locations to visit in Las Vegas, as well as the more carefree atmosphere, I am really looking forward to being myself.

Sami’s en femme future in the Big City?

One question I haven’t answered for myself is how close to fulltime do I want to do this? We are now located in a densely populated apartment complex. I’m not sure how comfortable I feel walking around it in a dress. I have the feeling I will work up to it, but I’m still not sure.

I do envision that once our current house is sold and we can find a permanent single-family house, that I will be able to find a neighborhood where I could feel comfortable going as I please. The temptation to dress all of the time will be strong.

I’ve read stories about others who have moved, gotten a fresh start, and now live as women fulltime. Those stories seem to have a very happy ending. I’m not yet sure whether that is the same path that I’d like to take, but the possibility is enticing.

Crossdressing Plans for the Future – More Time Blogging

Once I have finally completed my move, I will have a lot more time available for writing articles for you, my faithful readers. There are two reasons why this is true.

First, I will no longer be concerned with the time-consuming 1,000-mile drives, keeping the old house spotlessly maintained, and the like. Without these huge consumers of time, I’ll have a lot more available for doing what I love, providing you with the resources you want for your own crossdressing adventure.

Hoover Dam crossdressing plans
Is touring Hoover Dam in Sami’s crossdressing plans?

The second reason I’ll be able to spend more time on this is that writing interesting content will be a lot easier. Las Vegas has a lot more interesting experiences to report. There are the obvious ones, such as going to the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. What about the less obvious, such as touring Hoover Dam en femme? How about making use of the numerous Las Vegas biking trails, having my hair blowing in the wind while peddling? The possibilities for compelling content are almost endless.

What are your crossdressing plans?

Because we each are individuals, I don’t expect you to take my plans and make them your own. We aren’t in the same place in our journeys, and our goals for crossdressing are just as varied.

However, I do suggest you ponder where you are on your path and where you want to go. Consider making a plan for how you are going to get there. By making a plan, you are more likely to get wherever it is you are wanting to go. I wish you well on your journey, and thanks for joining me on mine.

xoxoxo Sami

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