Crossdressing Learning to Walk in High Heels

Learning to Walk in High Heels: Increasing Strength

For many new crossdressers, learning to walk in high heels is one of the most important goals to meet. It can also be one of the more challenging. This guide for new crossdressers will help you succeed at that goal.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Learning to Walk in High Heels

I highly recommend that one gradually learns how to walk in high heels. My suggested approach has three key principles:

  • To increase stability, gradually increase the height of the heels.
  • For increasing strength, slowly increase the length of time wearing heels.
  • To increase safety, master easier walking surfaces before those that are more challenging.

This article focuses on the second principle, gradually increasing strength. I explain the other principles for learning to walk in high heels in other articles.

2nd Key Tenet: Strength

In an earlier post, I discussed the 1st key tenet: Stability. This is making sure you can handle what is under your foot, namely your shoe. The second key tenet to successfully wearing high heels is to develop strength. This is your foot itself, not the shoe.

I think there are two ways that you can increase your foot strength. The first is to limit your time wearing heels, gradually increasing your time. If your shoes are new, this also gives them a chance to break in.

Your foot and ankle muscles aren’t used to your foot being on the ball of your foot for any length of time. Try just 5 minutes of standing and walking at first. Don’t start increasing the time until that feels comfortable. By gradually increasing your time, your muscles adapt to the extra workout and not become overly tired.

Easy Foot Exercises

The second way to increase your foot strength is to exercise your feet and calves. I know many people don’t like to exercise, including me. However, you can greatly improve your foot strength by spending as little as five minutes doing some simple exercises. Trust me, they are a lot easier than what you see in the next picture!

Exercising your feet

One of the easiest ways for you to strengthen your feet is to spend some time walking on your tippy toes. Just spend a few minutes a day. You could do it while getting dressed for the day, or while doing chores around the house. As with other exercises, start easy and increase the length and effort over time.

Exercising While Sitting

You can do another easy foot exercise while sitting and enjoying your favorite shows. Just flex your ankles while raising your feet off the ground. You can also rotate your ankles in a circular fashion, both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

A More Structured Foot Exercise Routine

I spent some time looking through exercise videos. This video appears has a good routine that isn’t too hard. If you can take the time to do these on a regular basis, you should have plenty of strength in your ankles for wearing your favorite high heels!

Using a Resistance Band

Once you have the basic strength training for your feet mastered, you can further improve your strength by using a resistance band. This is like a very large rubber band that you can put under your foot while doing exercises. The band provides more resistance while performing the exercises. Be sure not to overdo it, because if you hurt your ankle, you will have trouble with all of your daily walking, not just while walking in your high heels.

Cosmopolitan Magazine published a terrific article about strengthening your muscles by using a resistance band. In addition to working on your foot and leg strength, the exercises also work out other parts of your body, helping give you a more feminine overall appearance.

Fun with Treadmills (or not!)

I have personally worked on my foot and leg strength by walking on a treadmill while wearing high heels. I started with much lower heels and lower speeds. 1 mph is a good starting speed. Over a period of months, I gradually got myself up to nearly 3 mph.

If you want to try using a treadmill to increase your strength, I suggest starting with a slower speed. You will probably want to hold the handles of the treadmill the first few times you use it. As you become more comfortable, you can try without holding.

One of my biggest problems was doing it too long in shoes that weren’t good. Doing this started causing blisters. If you feel your foot getting hot anywhere, it means you are starting to get a blister. Stop before it gets to this point, or you’ll be hobbling around for days afterward.

A second problem is slowly getting too far back on the treadmill. If you get too far back, your heel will come off the treadmill, causing you to go off-balance unexpectedly. Fortunately, I never fell on my face, but it is unsettling when you aren’t expecting it.

Once you become accustomed to walking on the treadmill, you try running. This is very hard on the balls of your feet if you do it for too long. I did try it for a short period once. It was difficult but rewarding to know that I had come far enough along that I could do it!

Easier Walking Through Strength

While your shoes give you the foundation for your walking, it is your feet’s strength that allows walking in those shoes to become easier and more enjoyable. I hope this article gives you what you need to strut your stuff safely and successfully.

xoxoxo Sami

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