Crossdresser Entertainment Review Divas Las Vegas

Crossdresser Event Review:
Divas Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada, US

This past fall I was in Las Vegas for a few days. In addition to scoping out the area for a possible future move, I wanted to take a few opportunities to experience the city’s atmosphere for crossdressers. I have already reported upon my positive outing to Satay Thai Bistro & Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada. This time I am reporting on a more significant outing, to the Divas Las Vegas show, hosted by Frank Marino.

Event Rating:Crossdresser Restaurant Review RatingCrossdresser Restaurant Review RatingCrossdresser Restaurant Review RatingCrossdresser Restaurant Review RatingCrossdresser Restaurant Review Rating

Divas Las Vegas earns a score of 5 hearts out of 5 for the show’s quality.

Located in the Mat Franco Theater at the Linq Hotel and Casino, the theater is a decent size, holding about 500 guests. I wasn’t sure how cavernous the theater would be, so I book a more expensive seat so I could see everything clearly. Once I arrived, it was clear that most any seat is a good seat. However, I was very pleased with the nearness of my seat to the stage, about 3 rows back.

While waiting in line to enter the theater, a photographer was taking pictures of each group of ticket holders with one of the performers. Since I was by myself, I had a one-on-one photograph with the performer. Although I was nervous about being “on display,” I felt at ease doing this once it was my turn.

About the Divas Las Vegas Performance

The performance itself was fantastic! There were about half a dozen female impersonators, as well as about the same number of young male dancers. The show started with Frank Marino, who has impersonated the comedian Joan Rivers for years. Like Joan Rivers herself, Frank was funny, and shall I say, quite frank. As she said partway through the show, if you want to see a G-rated show, you should have gone to see Donny & Marie across the street.

Preview of Divas Las Vegas

As you can see in the above preview, there is a good variety of musical performances. Joan Rivers tells a few jokes in between performances, entertaining the audience while providing time for costume changes.

I believe that the songs performed vary somewhat from performance to performance, so you may not see the same as I saw. I had several favorite performances:

  • I have followed Madonna since the beginning of her career (yes, I am that old!). Dressed in her signature sexy and flamboyant style, her dance moves were spot on, fast, and invigorating. I feel the audience really got into the music and dancing.
  • Pink, whose performance was crowd pleasing, was scantily dressed in a leotard and fish net stockings. She was energetic and even ventured into the crowd.
  • I have long been a fan of Pat Benatar. I enjoyed rock songs. In line with her style, tonight’s performer was not dressed as scantily. Like Pink, she also went into the crowd to interact with audience members one-on-one.

Show with a Surprise!

Near the end of the show, one of the performers did an original song. It had her at a dressing table, transforming herself from a woman back to a man. The song was about how the world sees people such as them from one point of view, when in fact there is a real person behind the stage persona. I thought the song was very touching.

My opinion was that the audience was very respectful of the performers. I wasn’t sure whether the typical member of the audience sought a freak show, or if they were going for entertainment as they would for any Las Vegas show. My concerns were unnecessary because the audience was great.

Crossdresser-Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly Rating:

Divas Las Vegas earns a score of 5 dresses out of 5 for being friendly to crossdressers.

Since this was my first en femme outing where I would sit among a number of non-crossdressers, I was nervous. Having only a single ticket, I knew that I could be between two displeased strangers. My concerns were groundless. Yes, I did have to sit next to a stranger, but that didn’t matter once the show started.

I was never treated disrespectfully when lining up to enter the theater, during the show, or while exiting the theater. However, I still felt tense when the show was over. I would have liked to have stuck around with the crowd to chat with the performers, but, frankly, I was a chicken. There was nothing rational about fearing this, but it hit me like a wave. So I left right away. But there was nothing about the show that was unfriendly. It was just my reaction to the fears that had built all day.

Considering where I was in my crossdressing journey, I feel that going to this show was a big step for me. I am very glad I did it, and look forward to my next trip to Las Vegas. Perhaps I’ll see one of my readers at the show!

Summary of this Crossdresser Event Review

I highly recommend to my readers that they consider going to the Divas Las Vegas show. If some of you are planning to go to the similarly named Diva Las Vegas crossdressing social gathering in 2018, perhaps you should plan on going to the show with some of your other crossdressing friends!

I hope you enjoyed this Crossdresser Restaurant Review. Be sure to take a look at Crossdresser Recommendations & Ratings for more ideas on how to enhance your crossdressing experience.

Sami’s Interesting Side Note

The Linq is  across the street from Caesar’s Palace. I spent a bit of time after the show walking in the Forum Shops. The is a huge, beautiful shopping space. It wasn’t too crowded, and I enjoyed strolling through the shopping center while my skirt was swishing around my legs. I felt like it was a good place to lower my level of stress after the show.

Caesar's Palace Forum Shops
Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops

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  1. Hi. Did I see a request from you wanting posts on getting over fears or have a public example of going out post makeover? If so, I have a true story that’s circled five times since I may have bumped into your page last week. I’ve not written anything, but if it helps, I can jot it down and get it to you. It’s a Halloween based thing where I get a pro make over and end up in a restaurant, go out, all be it in Vegas without a plan. Catch is… it’s 3 days before Halloween and I’m the only one in costume. Haha. Hey, work schedule! If you are indifferent, I will save the time and not type anything. My nerves will still shot though!

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