Crossdresser Recommendations & Ratings

One of the big goals of The Crossdresser Report is to provide a great place for a crossdresser to learn where she and her business is welcome. We aim to have useful crossdresser recommendations and ratings.

This is different from other sites for rating goods and services, such as Google Maps or Yelp. By using reader-provided ratings, they do provide a nice service for the general population. What they don’t answer, however, is how a crossdresser will be treated. That is the missing piece of the puzzle that The Crossdresser Report will put into place.

Step 1: Sami’s Recommendations

Any big project, such as this blog, has to start somewhere. I have my own interesting experiences as a crossdresser. I think others want to know some of those experiences, especially in how it can affect their own lives.

So to start, The Crossdresser Report will focus upon my own crossdresser recommendations. This allows me to fine tune the presentation for my readers, giving them what they consider to be useful information.

Step 2: Reader Feedback

Once reviews are available, The Crossdresser Report wants and needs the feedback of its terrific readers. This can be about a specific report, or it can be suggestions for other reports. Taking this approach helps the site grow with information that directly helps you, the reader.

Step 3: Reader Recommendations and Reviews

It is not possible for Sami to be everywhere at once, reviewing each and every place to shop or dine. For this to become a great resource for crossdresser recommendations, we are going to need your help. We’ll do this by providing easy-to-use forms for submitting your own reviews. Together, we will be able to realize the dream of providing a truly useful resource for all crossdressers, both new and seasoned.

Ready to help your fellow crossdressers by submitting a restaurant review?

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The Best Crossdresser Recommendations

This is our goal with The Crossdresser Report. Be sure to check back soon. We plan to get started on Sami’s Recommendations very soon! Also, check out our other crossdressing resources.