Crossdresser Restaurant Review:
Satay Thai Bistro & Bar in Las Vegas, Nevada, US


While in Las Vegas recently, I went on my very first en femme outing to a restaurant! Thai food sounded good to me, so I walked from my hotel to Satay Thai Bistro & Bar. I am so glad I chose this restaurant because my experience was great! Keep reading this Crossdresser Restaurant Review for the full story.

I discovered Satay while reading the Diva Las Vegas Big List, an indispensable resource. Located at 3900 Paradise Rd, Suite N, Las Vegas, NV, the restaurant also has its own webpage:

Restaurant Rating:Crossdresser Restaurant Review RatingCrossdresser Restaurant Review RatingCrossdresser Restaurant Review RatingCrossdresser Restaurant Review RatingCrossdresser Restaurant Review Rating

Satay earns a score of 5 hearts out of 5 for its food, atmosphere, and service.

You can find Satay in a strip shopping center about five blocks from the famous Las Vegas Strip. Once at the shopping center, it was easy to find the restaurant. It had an inviting look from the outside, including a fire pit.

The inside had a modern feel, along with a welcoming wait staff. My arrival for dinner was in the early evening, so there were very few other people in the restaurant. The music was up-to-date electronic music that added to the atmosphere without being too loud.

I ordered the Thai Spicy Basil dish with shrimp added. The waiter asked how spicy I would like it, and I said not too spicy. For most Thai restaurants, this means it will still have a little kick. In this case, it wasn’t hot at all, which was a disappointment for me. I suggest that you chat with the waiter, clearly specifying how spicy you like your dish – not too hot, not too cold, but just right! I don’t blame the waiter in this case, but it wasn’t what I expected after eating at other Thai restaurants.

Having said that, the food was very tasty. I love the taste of basil, and it was quite flavorful. The shrimp tasted fresh, which is sometimes a challenge in inland cities. The choice pleased me, despite being too mild for my taste.

The wait staff was attentive without being overbearing. My experience was fully satisfactory.

Crossdresser-Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly RatingCrossdresser Friendly Rating:

Satay earns a score of 5 dresses out of 5 for being friendly to crossdressers.

The hostess greeted me pleasantly, seating me in an area that wasn’t way off in a corner by myself. I didn’t feel that any of the other customers even noticed that a crossdresser was in their midst. Keep in mind that this is a mainstream restaurant, not one that focuses on transgender customers. The entire experience was the same as what it would have been had I been dressed as a male. It was a great first time out in a restaurant, while dressed en femme.

Summary of this Crossdresser Restaurant Review

For a first crossdressing outing to a restaurant, I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience at Satay. Like the others who recommended it on the Diva Las Vegas Big List, I also suggest this restaurant for other crossdressers who are visiting Las Vegas. Enjoy!

xoxoxo Sami

p.s., I hope you enjoyed this Crossdresser Restaurant Review. Be sure to take a look at Crossdresser Recommendations & Ratings for more ideas on how to enhance your crossdressing experience.

Sami’s Interesting Side Note

Because Satay is close to the hotel where I was staying, I decided to walk there. It is near the Howard Hughes office park. I enjoyed walking the palm-tree-lined streets. Here is a photograph I took while on the walk.

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