Urge to Crossdress is like trying to hold a beach ball under water

The Urge to Crossdress is Like a Beach Ball Under Water

One thing is sure about crossdressing. It is really confusing about why we do it. Furthermore, what others think about it can weigh heavily on us crossdressers, enough so that we try to repress it. But can the urge to crossdress simply be put away?

Will the Urge to Crossdress Ever Go Away?

I have just finished reading a book about crossdressing. It is He or She, by Vicky Lee. Published in 2005, some considered it the Bible of crossdressing back then. I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it does have a lot of useful information.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading about crossdressing, both on the Internet and in real books. I am not often jolted by what I read, but I did come across such a paragraph on page 18 of the book. I found it so profound that I want to share it with you.

You can try to hold these feelings down out of sight like holding a beach ball under water but in time you will tire or just plain give up and, like the beach ball, your transgender feelings will bob up to the surface.

I have read many times, including on forums such as Crossdressers.com, where a person becomes frustrated with crossdressing and decides to cut it from her life. What follows is a chorus of well-meaning folks who say not to throw away the clothes and makeup, because the need to crossdress never goes away. So is this true? Will it ever go away?

Do I Want the Urge to Crossdress to Go Away?

My short answer is: No!

Sure, there are times that I second guess that answer. Being caught by an unsuspecting family member was one such instance. Despite the embarrassment, it didn’t stop me.

I love everything about crossdressing. The shopping experience and slipping the clothes on are something I truly love. I also love how it changes my mindset, making me a better person. It also reveals my true self to others and challenges my fears of what others think. To me, opening myself to crossdressing has broadened my perspective on life, despite the societal difficulties it brings.

I still hold that beach ball under the water from time to time, but there’s nothing I’d like better than to let that ball pop out for all to see. My ideal life would be to have my male persona on display when I want it and to have my female persona on display when I want it – without regard to what others think.

So no, I don’t want it to go away. I want to embrace it for what it is, and run with it when I am able to do so.

Do You Want the Urge to Crossdress to Go Away?

Of course, Sami isn’t going to tell you how you feel about the urge to crossdress, or whether you wish those feelings would just go away. My doing that would be just as senseless as trying to convince you to change your favorite food. That’s kinda just a part of you.

Sure, you can convince yourself that you no longer want to taste whatever it is that you enjoy so much. You can decide you’ll never enjoy the flavor or the texture of your favorite food again, and it will be hard to do. You can do it with enough willpower, but do you really want to do that?

My question to you is why would you put yourself through that? Of all things, why not go ahead and enjoy your favorite? Perhaps some moderation is wise, but why completely deprive yourself of that tasty food?

Embracing Crossdressing

Likewise, we enjoy crossdressing a lot. Maybe we need to do that in moderation as well, but why try to drop it completely? It is very difficult to suppress something that is such a core part of ourselves. I would even argue it is something that is part of our core being. Instead of trying to decide whether to drop crossdressing completely from your life, perhaps it would be better to embrace it as the delicious part of your being, and then figure out how it is going to work with all the other parts of your life.

xoxoxo Sami

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