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Surprise! After quite some time, I am proud to announce that The Crossdresser Report is returning. I will let you in on the disappearing act and what has changed recently.

Greetings from Las Vegas, Nevada!

A few years ago I moved from a house in the midwestern United States to a condominium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although Las Vegas provides many opportunities for crossdressing, I was struck with a hurdle right away.

Although I have crossdressed in public before, my neighbors do not know about it. I have found that it takes a much higher level of courage to walk 30 feet through a condo parking lot than it is to slink into a garage, get into the car, raise the garage door, and drive away. Walking through a parking lot puts one on full display.

Being on full display in front of my neighbors is something that has been a struggle, one that I couldn’t overcome.

In addition, Las Vegas was hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. Who wants to go out when everything is shut down?

Busy Las Vegas Airport
Las Vegas Airport in normal times
Empty Las Vegas airport during Covid-19 pandemic
Las Vegas airport during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic

What’s Changed, Sami?

I’ve signed up to participate in Diva Las Vegas this year, for the first time!

For those who haven’t heard, Diva Las Vegas is an annual vacation where fellow crossdressers gather. The event is held in Las Vegas, making this one of the main reasons I wanted to move here.

Diva Las Vega is a loosely organized event. One chooses a number of activities to attend with other crossdressers. However, it is not like a conference with a set agenda. Rather, it is just a great way to do fun activities with other like-minded people.

How I am Changing

Many of the activities happen during the day, and I’d like to participate. To do that, I have to get into my car in full daylight. Remember that I live in a condominium complex, so this means I have to become comfortable with the possibility of being seen by a neighbor while fully outfitted, in daylight. For me, this is scary stuff!

I also feel that I am not a great makeup artist yet, although I am definitely better than the average guy. Still, I’m going to be around others who have been going to these outings for years. I’d like to look like a normal, everyday crossdresser, not a clown.

In other words, I have a lot of fear to overcome and a lot of practice in order to feel somewhat comfortable being out in public in broad daylight.

Fortunately for you, dear reader, The Crossdresser Report returns with updates on how the practice is going over the next several months.

I’ve Got This!

Fortunately, I’ve learned that these are hurdles I can overcome. I already do many things that used to be terrifying but that I now do on a daily basis, even though I am in guy mode:

  • Wearing women’s jeans and shorts
  • Sometimes wearing women’s blouses (although not too girly)
  • Wearing women’s sandals and flats
  • Adorning pierced earrings and jewelry
  • Polishing my nails with neutral colors
  • Using bright colors on my toes, which show while wearing sandals

Each of these changes was nerve wracking at first, but I’ve come to enjoy doing them, often without much thought. All of my neighbors see me dressed like this. So I’m thinking I can eventually overcome the parking lot issue while fully dressed for a day on the town. It won’t happen overnight, but I feel fairly confident that between now and October I will be able to do it.

The Crossdresser Report Returns!

My subscribers, I apologize for the lengthy hiatus from your mailbox. This changes with the return of The Crossdresser Report so that you can monitor my progress during the next few months.

Some of you are early in your crossdressing journey. You may gain inspiration and confidence in what you are able to do by reading about my experiences.

Others of you have been doing this for a while. Some of my challenges may bring back memories of your own struggles, ones that you have overcome with time. Perhaps you can provide me inspiration by jotting your experience and knowledge in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you have to say.

In the meantime, I plan to do something every Friday night to practice. I hope you’ll anticipate my reports to you. In fact, I already have two weeks of activity to report in future Sami’s Week articles.

xoxoxo Sami

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Sami has been a part-time crossdresser for about 5 years. Although she still has a lot to learn herself, she is enjoying teaching new crossdressers tips that will hopefully help them on their adventure.
Besides enjoying her time with her family and working as a web developer, Sami loves to travel, make home improvements, and create jewelry in her spare time.
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  1. I’m 62 , live in Ireland,have seven children, been married twice. Now openly cross dress every day. Don’t make an effort to look really feminine, just eyes nail polish and lipstick. Am regularly taken for a woman. Gives one a sense of freedom and fulfilling my identity.all my family know of my crossdresser credentials.go for it Sami , you’ll be surprised at how many people will not even notice.

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